Tuesday, 22 April 2014

a PE bag for Smiler

At the beginning of the new school year I made Noah and Petal simple drawstring bags to keep their PE kits in - they live on their pegs, and both kids have commented that they like having a bag that isn't the same as everyone else's in the class.

But I didn't make one for Smiler (bad mummy, bad bad!) - he has hydrotherapy weekly, but PE doesn't happen often, so there seemed no point in him having one.  But - he is now going to be going to Exercise Club on Mondays after school which means, of course, he now needs a PE bag!

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Smiler has a thing about moustaches - I blame the In The Night Garden episode where Mr Pontipine's moustache flies off and lands in various places, including on the carousel.  Hysterical.  Apparently.  So, when wondering through one of my favourite online fabric shops - Prints to Polka Dots - I spotted this, and how could I possibly resist?

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

easter eggs and treasure hunting

Although we don't do the religious aspect of easter, we do take advantage of a couple of local egg hunts (both at garden centres for some reason) and enjoy the overall chocolate-y-ness of the season.

  As you can see, Smiler, Noah and Petal all get into the cutting and sticking side, and a couple of years ago I got a huge haul of craft sets from Tesco very very reduced - as in 4p for a pack of pompoms, foam shapes and googly eyes that would have cost £2 immediately before easter - bargain!  To get ready for our annual egg hunt in the garden the kids made rabbit ears, and there was a bit of singing going on too...

When the kids were little we hid plastic eggs around the garden and then let them loose.  In each egg were two or three mini eggs, so although they needed Mr Manley or I to open them up, they then got to eat their bounty - yum...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When they got a bit bigger we assigned each child a colour, and they could only gather eggs of their colour - this meant we could hide the eggs in places accessible to that child, and everyone got their fair share.

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silent sunday

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Saturday, 19 April 2014


I took this last week, and I love it.

In lots of ways, it's nothing special.  A boy, and a dog.
But look at that boy's face, and his joy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Smiler is 12 now - 12½ to be precise, and is starting to grow up.  He understands that Eli likes his ears rubbed, and Eli knows Smiler is a safe bet, and often seeks him out.
Smiler wasn't expected to smile, but he does like to prove the specialists wrong, as you can see.

Over the years I've taken hundreds of photos of Smiler, but often pressing that button just a second or two early, or else a second or two too late.  He's turning his head, or dribbling, or staring into space - as much as I love him, photogenic he is not.  Unless you catch that split second, that instant where he is calm and happy and relaxed, and doesn't know you're pointing a camera at him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are people who look at Smiler and feel pity for him.
There are people who see the things he can't do.
There are people who see the struggles he has faced.
There are people who see how different he is.

But this is my son,
the way that I see him.

Full of joy
Full of life
Full of love

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